"Oh, Prophetic Women!" Part 5
The Call of God To An Army of Supernatural Women!
Prophet Reeni Mederos
* Article Used With Permission *

The Lord is Singing and Dancing Over His Girls

The Lord is singing over His vast army of women in these last days. A new song of restoration is being released. The Heavens will display new wonders as a result of the song that God sings over them. Generational curses will be broken, emotional bondages will be healed. Godly relationships will be renewed and broken ones will not be too late for God to restore. God is singing and rejoicing over His women as they are emerging to a greater level of authority and power and virtue in Christ.

The Lord is saying, "There is more, so much more! Open your eyes and dare to receive My favor upon you in a new way. Stretch forth your hands which hang down and dare to dream again. I have promised to wipe away the tears of despair and make new your shattered dreams. Am I not the God of resurrection that can breathe new life into that which is dead? Is this too difficult for Me? Surely not! Your dreams are not dead, just sleeping. Daughters of Zion, come forth!"

The Lord is literally dancing and singing over His girls in this season. He is preparing a banqueting table for them in the presence of their enemies. Jesus is the One who is personally serving them at His banqueting table bestowing honor, value, dignity and perfect love upon them as with their own personal crown. Like a royal wedding banquet, the Lord is feasting and celebrating His women who are precious in His sight.

"Taste and see that the Lord is good and eat of My goodness, drink of My love for the time of singing has come. Your time of celebration is here! Spring is in bloom and the winter is over. Rejoice, daughters of the Most High, rejoice! Dance, sing, and clap your hands! Let the songs of the Lord be released from your innermost being and birth life, for I am giving you many children to bear with joy! I am celebrating YOU!" says the Lord.

This is a New Day of Joy

As a result of God's move on the earth in the release of the daughters of Zion in greater measure, the Lord is healing barrenness and many barren wombs will open and will be a sign that the Lord has opened up the natural and spiritual wombs of many of His daughters. Fruitfulness and multiplication will pour forth in supernatural measure that will be a sign and a wonder on the earth.

The enemy will not close up the womb of God's women any longer, nor will he kill the birth of her children as she is hidden in the secret place of the Most High under the protection of the wings of the angel of the Lord. God has appointed the angelic host of Heaven to guard that which He is birthing. That which was doomed to death will actually live instead. Like Moses was hidden and spared for a divine purpose to deliver the children of Israel, so shall a generation of deliverers be born and raised up for the glory of the Lord as a result of the labor pains of these chosen ones.

This is a new day of joy for God's chosen women. It is a day to celebrate! It is a new day of giving birth to the move of the Spirit that will not become a stillborn because it is a sovereign move of the Spirit on the last day generation of Esthers and Deborahs.

The Lord is saying, "Believe again My daughters. Dare to believe the impossible and you will receive the impossible as you move into a new realm of the supernatural. I have chosen you for this time and you will be My beautiful Esthers and Deborahs in the land of the living, raising up that which was dead, delivering the oppressed and redeeming that which was lost. Restoring hope to the hopeless, your message is that of hope and good news as you are seated in heavenly places with Me; and seated in heavenly places you will remain which I have ordained for you from the foundations of the world.

"I have chosen you as the apple of My eye and I have loved you with an everlasting love that can never be quenched!

For My love is as strong as death and I have been jealous over you. You have captured My heart. I honor you and I celebrate you with great joy!"

Love and blessings in Christ!

Reeni Mederos
Warrior's International, Inc.
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"Get out of bed, Jerusalem! Wake up.

Put your face in the sunlight. God's bright glory has risen for you.

The whole earth is wrapped in darkness,
all people sunk in deep darkness,

But God rises on you, his sunrise glory breaks over you.

Nations will come
to your light, kings to your sunburst brightness.

Isaiah 60:1-3 MSG

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