Whose Love Are You Giving Away? Part 2
d.lewis 6/2010

Have you ever found yourself with the Lord as your only audience and questioned Him about Love? Have you ever screamed, “Why Love Lord, why me”? Consider this then and ask the Lord, “Why not me Lord, why Love and not me”? Sometimes we have to hear words come from our own lips before we can be confronted by them.

Sometimes we have to find ourselves in the presence of the One that is Love despite how difficult we ourselves can be. Sometimes we must meet Love alone. Sometimes the room has to be cleared in order to hear Love speak.

The man that chisels Love from a poor understanding will only realize the work of a broken and contrite heart. All that surrounds you as creation was also made by the same hands that declare “God is Love”. Why refuse the hands that also created you? Why reject the words, “Man was created in His Likeness”?

Look beyond the flesh.  Peel it back in your mind like the skin of a fruit. Search diligently for His spirit within you”!

What child is not lost and stumbling without the identity of their father to guide them? How many have become orphans refusing to be blessed by their Father as he attempts to tell you "Who you are"? Sit at the feet of Love and listen to His voice. Wisdom will join you there and reveal His story that is much larger than this present life.

Men have traveled thousands of miles and crossed oceans to find facts about their father’s, why not you? you'll find “True” Love at the exact place you find “True” wisdom. Have you found it important enough to ask, “Why”?

Have you been asking the one that is without or are you asking true wisdom, “Where do I find Love? At what point does a mere man allow “Himself” to be questioned? The bible says, “The beginning of wisdom is the fear of the Lord”.

Where is wisdom found? Is it found among men? Not unless the Lord has already placed it there. Where is Love? Is it found among men? Not unless Love has left the evidence of His presence among men.

The bible says, “The manifold wisdom of God is Jesus".

Have you pursued one without regard for the other? Where is love without wisdom? Where is wisdom with Love? Pursuing either without the hope of finding “Dead Center” between the two will always leave one off balance. Dead center is where the old man will die and the new child of God is resurrected from dried bones.

One might find a cheap imitation of Love or the person that claims to have Love inside. True Love has His own mandate being validated by the spirit within. Pure Love will remain a question without Truth validating its origin.

Gold and silver are tested for purtiy. Love is patient, kind and long suffering. Oh to find a soul mate that will confess their own version of undying love. You might share and touch love with that person, but can you claim their love as your own?

There’s only one source of AGAPE love and there’s only been one man that has ever proved Him self capable of expressing Love in every set of circumstances. A man is not able to give away something he does not have.
He can only duplicate or mimic what he’s been told love is and does.

This spirit man that will Love is tall and mighty his arms reach as far is the east from the west. His head is above the clouds of heaven, seated comfortably at the right hand of His father.

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