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The True Life Story Of:  Alecia Marie Trombly Darin
Rev. Mother Theresa Darin
I wrote this story of my life  to let the world out there know that there is HOPE for those of us who have suffered the pains of abuse. That HOPE is My Loving Jesus! I know you're sitting there reading this and you're saying yeah right! What is this person thinking? Someone named Jesus can take all the pain I've suffered being abused day in and day out?  YES JESUS CAN!!! I know because I was an abused child. Day in and day out abused emotionally, physically, sexually, in ways you can not imagine.

Today I am living, taking, proof that Jesus CAN and WILL take your pain away! Jesus WILL free you from the darkness of your abuse! How do I know? Because Jesus did it for me! But; you say how can Jesus do this? All you have to do is ask! Oh no you say it can not be that easy? Yes my dear one it is that easy. Please read my testimony below and see for yourself what the Love of Jesus can do to set you free from your life of Hell, I can assure you Jesus Will because HE LOVES YOU!

Just one thing before you start reading I do have to warn you my story like most abused children's stories are very hard to talk about and read as it is real and it did happen to me. Please know I share this only because I Love you and I only can pray that you who have suffered as I did can find the way to heal, as I did.
I know the road is hard but; let me tell you it can be done with the Love of Jesus! With Jesus you can become strong; to fight the nightmare's that you feel every moment of everyday! With Jesus you can live a life of peace which will help you to help other's who need to know Jesus' touch too. Please let Jesus take you from this pain so that you can join with me in the fight of Children who suffer child abuse!

My Story Begins Below:
My Name is Alecia Marie Trombly Darin was born on December 29 1956 in Boston, Massachusetts. My parents and I did not live there, long as they parted in marriage. My blood mother took me to another place called Worcester, Massachusetts where I was raised most of my life.

As a child I lived a very hard life learning the streets and what they were about. Unfortunately at a very young age, those teachings, however, gave me Knowledge of how life could be - very cruel, lonely, and abusive. As I grew in this Knowledge however, I realized literally that I lived with Satan in my home and on the streets.

Again please know my dear Sisters and Brothers that what I write here is hard to talk about. I have to tell you this because I want you to understand that Jesus, Loves you all so much and that "He" can take you from any problem that you are facing in your life. If you are into drugs, alcohol, cults, or anything evil or of Satan you can have total freedom. You can really get to know the love of Jesus. You can have true salvation. You can have peace I know for I am a living testimony.

Please forgive me again for having to write to you of this life of hell which I lived but; you see dear ones you can not go through what your living without Jesus. I personally know for I had a very troubled life as a young child in this world. I suffered abuse in any form you can think of, from an abusive blood mother of this earth and other's who were of my family and even those who were not. She was into drugs and alcohol. She was my physical abuser as I was the one who got beat and used as a sex object for who or whatever she decided. Not to mention the mental and emotional abuse I lived with day after day.

I can remember the first time my mother hit me. I was just a little girl. Maybe four years Old. It happened so many times over the years At times I think I forgot about them when something will happen to trigger a lost memory. Child abuse was never talked about in the 70's, but it happened. I had allot of black eyes and busted lips as a child. I didn't like people because I was scared of the questions that they might ask. But the thing that hurts the most is that I have a brother and three sisters and she didn't do that to them.

I can remember times when she said she hated me and wishes that she would have drowned me like a rat when I was a baby. I remember she would tell me that I was just like my no good Father. Which I was told was dead. Years latter I learned he was not. I learned at the age of 10 that the man that I new as Daddy, was in-fact my Brother, as the Father, I had was his too. The Father, that was mine was the man who I called Grandpa. There were threats upon my real Father, that If the truth came out he could sign mine and his grave ticket's, the mob was part of my mother's life she dated a mob boss.

My uncle, who was my blood Mothers brother was her partner in my abuse. He raped me at the age of 10. I became pregnant and nine months later delivered a baby boy, which was delivered in the house we lived in. The nine months that I did not attend school was taken care of. My blood mother went to a friend of her's who was a doctor. He provided a medical statement which told the school I was in the hospital and that I would not be attending the rest of the year due to my illness. No one would know what was being done to me. I lost the baby boy, due to my earth mother selling my child for her habits. My son's name was Bobby, was taken from me at a year and a half of his age.

Let me say this the hell I lived in can be summed up this way. I do not know if any of you have ever read the book of a girl named Sybil or seen the movie called Sybil which was played by the actress Sally Fields, Sybil was abused in the same manner as I was. The only difference was that from her abuse became very unstable, in-fact she suffered from numerous multiple personalities. Her mother was like the mother I had. How I did not go insane was only because Jesus kept me from doing so as you will latter soon learn.

My blood mother of this earth would tell me that I was nothing short of a piece of dirt. She would force me to have sex with whom ever she decided. After the sexual abuse was forced upon me, my blood mother would say to me that I was a dirty little girl. The way she would remove the filth from me, was to tie me to a table where she would hang a hot water bottle over my head this would be full of scalding hot water, with bleach, ammonia, or whatever disinfectant she could find. A tube, which hung from this hot water bottle, then inserted into my private area, then she would take bottles of whiskey and break them into pieces and also insert the glass in the same manner. She would tell me she was doing this because I was unclean and she loved me.

When she was finished that I then was thrown down our cellar for days sometimes for weeks or until she decided she needed me for whatever was next.I cleaned and scrubbed the house from top to bottom. Everyday I took care of all the responsibilities that a Mother should for her children as I had three sisters and a brother who were very young. There was no responsible adult to do the things that should have been done as the Blood Mother I had was too busy with other things such as abusing me, drugs, alcohol, men, and whatever seemed to be her life style at the time. Her lifestyle was so infested with so much of Satan she could not even take care of us, her children.

Oh, the hell I lived was too much for anyone. By all rights I should have gone insane. However I did not, for Our Father in Heaven sent "His" Son, Jesus, to get me when I was in that cellar. Jesus would hold me in "His" arms and before I would know it I was safe with "Him" in Heaven. Please understand I was a child, I had no understanding when I first started experiencing going to Heaven. I like any child at first, thought I was making it up, my way of dealing with the abuse by running away to something that was better and gave me Peace, love, comfort, and understanding. You know what I mean? How children have an imaginary friend's sometimes? But as time went on dear Sisters and Brothers this was not the case, which I was to understand. I continued to go home to Heaven.           

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