Whose Love Are You Giving Away?
d.lewis 6/2010

Love being the theme for June I felt compelled to share this man's thoughts having touched only the fringe of Love. My life is but a single commentary concerning Love. I thank God through the opportunity of His mercy shown and power of His grace in order to share a life that was given to me.

Peering through the historical eyes of humanity, one can only catch a glimpse of Love as if peering through a dirty window. My opinion says, “If a person considers Love a “fortune” to be found, there is at least hope they'll find its true riches”.

Throughout life, marriage, children and now grand children having put away childish things, I can see so much more. Only when I brace myself like a man and put on the spectacles of God does any of it make sense though. I ask the same of you now read as if two men are sitting across the table from one another. Don't let these words speak to your flesh now, cause I only want to talk with the spirit of the Lord within you.

So if he tries to stand up and leave, take authority over him and tell him to "Shut up and sit down"!

Love is a covenant. Love is the third party to every marriage that God has joined. Love is what binds hearts so tightly together. Love will cause even the faintest of hearts to go one more mile. Many have only caught a glimpse of what Love is and does. Some lose hope forgetting Love is always willing.

Some test Love to see just how patient Love really is. Some have believed lies about Love and rebelled against the very thought of it. Many have attempted to over burden Love assuming it a weakness. Some have perpetuated lies concerning Love, using their own life to try and prove that Love won't work for them.

Some have attempted to defame the name of Love frustrated because they've not found Love within themselves.
Some are convinced they're harming Love by the way they live their lives. Some have put in countless hours of over time assuming they're laboring for Love. Many have brushed up against Love in passing and never knew it was there.

Many have smelled the aroma of Love in different places yet have never pursued the source of its scent. Some have held Love in their hands only long enough to lose their grip on it. Many have watched Love spill its blood for the sake of another. Some have watched Love pass through the life of another and still do not understand from where it came or went.

Many can never find a handle on Love, they can only watch it slip through their fingers like water in a tightened fist.
Some have spent countless hours arguing their frustrations about all that's been said concerning Love. Some have ruthlessly beaten the ones they've said they Love. Some have found no value in Love despite its every plea.

Some have no time for Love left over at the end of their day. Some have simply abandoned any hope of finding Love. Some have allowed dust to form on their emblems of Love. Many have placed captured images of Love somewhere in the darkness of a box.

Some have invested all they've earned in order to purchase Love only to see it walk away. Some have peered into the eyes of Love without seeing their own reflection. Some have tried to take Love prisoner and some have set Love free unaware.

Have you ever found yourself with the Lord as your only audience and questioned Him about Love? Have you ever screamed, “Why Love Lord, why me”? Consider this then and ask the Lord, “Why not me Lord, why Love and not me”? Sometimes we have to hear words come from our own lips before we can be confronted by them.

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