"Come Daughter....." Part 1

Do You Really Want To Get Well? (John 5:1-5)
Ruth M. Lambert
In this account of a man who has suffered for 38 years with a deep seated disorder, a very important question is confronting him.  At first, the question Jesus asks him seems a little harsh! After all, who wouldn't want to get free or well after a long drawn out suffering for 38 years? However, if you read the verses carefully, some very interesting, underlying implications coming from the man himself seemed to have provoked the question,
do you really want to get well?

All thru this long 38 years he waited for his healing...
knowing full well it was availiable to him and he also knew what he must do in order to receive it......yet he waited!! He waited for someone else to come along and do it for him.....not only did he wait but he sounds somewhat angry and resentful of those who did receive even though he chose to wait for his.  Listen to his complaint that no one helped him to get his healing. He was looking to someone other than the Lord to help him get into the healing waters and so he lay there, wanting his healing but waiting on another to get him into the healing waters!

Today, we see so much of this same thing in our midst. Many who have suffered for long years in pain, even though they have known and believed all these years, that healing is available to them.....they too have waited! Many have been along side the pool of the healing waters of Jesus Christ that far exceed 38 years, and yet they wait............. complaining and blaming others for not receiving what Jesus died to give them.

Many have moved from complaining and lamenting about others into bitterness and anger and unforgiveness, because they have waited for someone to help and they have not come to do so. God will always make a way to receive His blessings if we look to Him and not to others. We seem to think someone has to come along with all the right gifts and anointing to help us receive from God.......wrong! God does choose vessels to work through, but He also requires us to have a desire strong enough to go after His provision ourselves. He says to us, "you can do all things thru Me" and he also tells us, He is the great "I AM" .......I AM whatever you need .....fill in the blank, it is inherent in Jesus Christ. It is ALL in Him, By Him, and thru Him. We do NOT have to wait for someone to put us into HIS healing waters!

When you are IN Christ , YOU ARE ALREADY IN HEALING WATERS!! So why wait?? What are "deep seated" and "lingering disorders"?

Of course, the first thing that comes to our minds is a very crippling disorder that has twisted the body into an immovable position making it unable to function properly. However, there are many deep seated and lingering disorders that outwardly are invisible, and do not cause physcial crippling at all.

These disorders are the wounds of the heart and soul that are still very full of contaminating poisions and have never healed.......and so you wait by the pool for someone to come and put you into the healing waters. Some of you have lingered by this pool close to a life time with deep seated and lingering disorders, in your mind and emotions, when you could have been in the healing waters long ago......but you too are waiting by the pool for someone to come.

Do you NOT KNOW Jesus has already done this? Do you NOT know He came to do this for you? Why are you still lying there by the pool waiting and waiting and waiting? How long, how long will you wait? ...Continued Part 2
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But God rises on you, his sunrise glory breaks over you.
Nations will come to your light, kings to your sunburst brightness.

Isaiah 60:1-3 MSG

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Courtesy of Tramaine Hawkins
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