The Best Bread
In every home in the world, bread is

known, obtained and eaten.

The only time that anyone refuses

bread is when they may be suffering

from an illness, and even then, there

is only partial abstinence because

there is something about bread that

no other food has.

Bread has a unique appeal for all

people and for all ages.

The best bread is the one that

Provides all we need, with no

Bad repercussions but sustains

Life and at no cost! You are probably

Saying, “Where can I buy such a bread”?

The best bread is Jesus Christ

If you have never tried this bread,

Start eating today and it is free!

“I am the bread of life….”

(John 6:35)  KJV

Get a Bible and eat today, be

Filled and be made whole.

Not just your body but also mind and soul.

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