The Pursuit of Happiness
How I Related To the Main Character of the Movie
Stacey Lunsford

In my pursuit of pictures from the movie, “The Pursuit of Happiness,” I came across this pursuit of happiness mind map by Adam Sincinski and decided to use it for my assignment as it describes several root issues that I had to acknowledge, confront, perform self-examination, accept accountability for my actions, repent (renew/change my mind set), apologize to the people I hurt along the way; including myself and forgive those that hurt me so that I would no longer be bound by their actions or opinions of me. In my quest to pursue happiness, I had to first seek peace with God and with myself.
It is in my pursuit of peace that I discovered my pursuit of happiness and learned that it wasn’t about the trials and adversities of life weakening and defeating me. It was about the life lessons that I needed to learn in the midst of those trials; God’s way of building character within me, that would sustain me, once I reached my destiny, my purpose in life.

This brings me to the scene in the movie when Will Smith in spite of all the doors that were closing in his face, kept pursuing new doors. Dirty, improperly dressed he went to the interview and conducted himself as if he was dressed for success. I loved that scene because mentally he was dressed for success so his outward appearance did not matter to him. He walked in integrity; he was honest and managed to laugh at himself when he answered, “he must of had on some really nice pants”. Sometimes we have to laugh at our self because it is so very healthy.

I can relate to the interview scene because it’s when my mind set changed that my circumstances began to change. Regardless of how things looked or appeared to be, (the interview) when my heart and mind became equally aligned, walking together in harmony, in agreement with God’s word: that says I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me, I saw a bigger, brighter picture and found the courage through God’s word to go in a little further, pushing past the hurt and pain where the average person usually gives up and quits. I was determined and persuaded not to quit and still I rise!

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