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And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony;
and they loved not their lives unto the death. Revelation 12:11

"Breaking The Silence About Domestic Violence"
Welcome To The Resource Center
For Domestic Violence

Are you in or coming out of an abusive relationship?
Are you afraid?
Are you sad?
Are you confused?
Are you in trouble today?
Are you being bullied?
Are you being mistreated?
Are you feeling unloved?
Are you struggling to pray today?
Do you find it hard to pray?
You can't seem to find the words to pray?
If so...just call on the name of Jesus!
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Power in the name of Jesus!
Healing in the name of Jesus!
Deliverance in the name of Jesus!
There is power in the blood of Jesus!

Menergy Counseling
For People That Have Been Abusive To Their Partners

Hope Is
On Horizon
If you are seeking help with anger managerment, relationship counseling, individual counseling, I whole heartedly recommend that you contact Menergy below


Is Your Partner Afraid of you?

Do You Hurt The Ones You Love?

You Can Change

Some Men:

Turn to MENERGY for a program designed to help them become nonviolent at home, more responsible for their behavior, less controlling and abusive of their partners and more caring and empathetic husbands and lovers.

Some Men:

Call MENERGY at 215-242-2235

MENERGY is a counseling and re-education program for men who are physically or emotionally abusive with their partners. This carefully designed 8-month counseling program consists of a:

3 Individual 1-hour sessions for evaluation, assessment and contracting, followed by...

10 weeks of 2-hour, once-a-week psycho-educational groups working to stop abusive behavior, emphasizing accountability, taking responsibility and building skills through structured discussions, followed by an...

Advanced level:
20 weeks of intensive group therapy focused on understanding the roots of the problem and better ways of handling internal and interpersonal conflict

MENERGY is constructed upon several fundamental principles:

* Abusive people must take full responsibility for their abusive behavior.

* It is particularly important for men to not retaliate for behavior they experience as abusive from their partners.

* Safety must precede healing. Men must be willing to give up dangerous or threatening behavior as part of their contract to change.

* Abusive behavior is learned. It can usually be unlearned.

* Recovery from being an abusive or controlling person requires a serious acknowledgement and ownership of the problem and a willful commitment to change.

MENERGY is a center for psychotherapy, counseling, education and training services for men, women and their families.

Paul Bukovec, LCSW,the Director of MENERGY, builds upon two and a half decades of clinical, educational, programming and training experience in gender issues, domestic violence, group psychotherapy and team building to offer a variety of services:

* Intimate Partner Abuser Assessment and Treatment

* Couple work with formerly abusive men and their partners

* Evaluations and case consultations for family and couple therapists regarding assessment of potentially dangerous cases

* On-going psychotherapy groups for straight men and lesbian women

* Workshops to assist men in the support of other men and boys

* Training in domestic and dating violence

For further information call MENERGY at 215-242-2235

For MENERGY services in Spanish, call 267-625-6135.
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