"Oh, Prophetic Women!" Part 2
The Call of God To An Army of Supernatural Women!
Prophet Reeni Mederos
* Article Used With Permission *

God's women of all ages, races and cultures are emerging from the hidden places of obscurity to the frontlines of favor. They are like a generation of Esthers and Deborahs with a supernatural edge that is breathtaking and soothing to the soul. The older women's wisdom is deep like a well of living water that never runs dry and has been prepared by the Lord—that is ready for drinking. The younger women will exude life and vibrancy that reveals the beauty of the glory of the Lord that is contagious with the joy of the Lord.

Even the little girls and babies hold the preciousness of newness of life that reflects the very face of God and the nature of Heaven. When you look into their eyes, you see Heaven there. For the purity and innocence they possess is without question the very attributes of our Lord embodied in these little ones who are called by His name.

God's women are tender and kind with hearts of compassion, built with a warrior instinct like a lioness who cares for her cubs, nurturing and protecting the glory of the Lord while building the Kingdom of God. They are natural nurturers who feed and protect, support and encourage and train and develop. These are the attributes God is using in a supernatural way which He is causing to come to the forefront. The Lord is taking them higher in their capacity to nurture from a natural level to a supernatural level like never before.

To the broken they bring healing. To the homeless they bring hospitality and refuge. To the addicted they bring freedom of life. To the rejected they pour in God's acceptance and love to bring restoration where there has been devastation, trauma and tragedy. They war on behalf of their brothers and sisters, the Church, the lost—supporting men and women in spiritual battle who are called to set the captives free in every nation around the world. They are robed with supernatural favor, with righteousness and with a scepter of authority to bring down the strongholds of the enemy with the weapons of warfare called "God's love." They were born for divine relationship. They were born to display the beauty of the Lord.

Ambassadors of the Most High

Culture will not dictate to these powerful women of God, but they will be led forth by the Spirit of God as ambassadors of the Most High to do a special work in their own special way. They are a powerful army but they are also individuals who are very much loved by the Lord, each and every one. They are paving the way for the upcoming generations to learn to stand as a "gateway from Heaven to earth," operating in the power of God with Godly wisdom, character and integrity.


"Get out of bed, Jerusalem! Wake up. 

Put your face in the sunlight. God's bright glory has risen for you. 

The whole earth is wrapped in darkness, 
all people sunk in deep darkness, But God rises on you, his sunrise glory breaks over you. 

Nations will come 
to your light, kings to your sunburst brightness. 

Isaiah 60:1-3 MSG

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Arise & Shine For Jesus
Arise & Shine For Jesus
Arise & Shine For Jesus
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